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Backlinksflow is a company which is founded by Abdullah Siddique in 2011 – world renowned link builder and SEO specialist. We have been working in the SEO field and internet marketing since 2008. In our three years we have catapulted clients to number one rankings with a combination of aggressive/safe link building, and extremely affordable wholesale rates.

We have overall 3 years experience in SEO and link building and have already built an excellent reputation on different forums (backlinksforum, warriorforum, namepros, digitalpoint, etc); our aim is to provide a high quality service to our clients with the lowest prices guaranteed online (no middle men!)

We provide quality support (live chat & Email for our clients); they can interact directly with us for any query without hesitation any time. We already have numerous repeat clients who are satisfied with our services as you can see their testimonials. Please contact us now to secure your spot as our client – we receive many requests. We are only interested in partnering with long term professionals and other webmasters.



Abdullah Siddique(CEO)