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Social Bookmarking Service

Social bookmarking service means is the service provided to internet users so that they can store, organize, search and manage their bookmarks online. They can also share these bookmarks with other people online. However entire data cannot be transferred. It is only the link or the bookmark that will be shared. Once you share your bookmarks, most people end up reading your articles, pages, or blogs that have been bookmarked. There are comments and votes for it which automatically increases the traffic on the site and its popularity too. Social Bookmarking service also offers the benefit of branding.

When you post your bookmarks on the social sites, the audience that views them is increased manifold. As the viewership for your product, blog, page etc increases, it is form of publicity and branding. There are also chances that many of the viewers will link to your sites. This will help you in search engine optimization too. Thus if you bookmark good and interesting content, you will have more visibility for yourself on the internet. One more advantage of bookmarks is that you do not have to stick to one computer. You can save these online and even add notes to it.

These can later on be accessed from anywhere with the help of tags that you have attached to it. The social bookmarking service also provides live updates to you on your listing on various websites. Moreover, these services save your precious time by submitting your details on several log in pages. All you have to do is enter your URL which has the data and they will fetch information and feed it on the page. You can do many things with these services like import – export bookmarks, email them, use web annotations for them, add ratings and comments and increase the seo backlinks of your website.

Social bookmarking will help you to get the seo backlinks for your site which will boost your site SERP.

Our SEO specialists will submit your web site to a number of social bookmarking websites like Digg,delicous and a1bookmark which will give you seo backlinks Submission to Social internet websites will improve your web site’s Page Rank and will improve the volume.

Features of our Social Bookmarking Service:

  • Our Bookmarking services are among the many most competitively priced on the web. For just $2.00 only starting price you will get your website bookmarked to 120+ Social Bookmarking websites. every Social bookmark will price you only 0.01 cents wow!

  • We give full report on after submissions on completion of work.

  • For make submission more natural, we allow our clients to give up to 10 unique titles and description for your social bookmarking service.

Packages Details


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120+ Social Bookmarks

for $2 Only

220+ Social Bookmarks

 for $4 Only

320+ Social Bookmarks

 for $7 Only

420+ Social Bookmarks

 for $9 Only

520+ Social Bookmarks

 for $12 Only

1000+ Social Bookmarks

 for $22 Only



Q.How will I know that my website has been submitted to social bookmarking sites?

Our SEO business will supply you detailed report where you are able to verify every Bookmark.

Q.Submission will be from unique sites ?

Yes you will receive all submission from unique sites.

Q.Do you accept Title and Description in spinnable format?

Yes you can give the title and description in spinable format.

Q.Do you provide any discount for bulk orders?

Yes we provide the bulk rates for it contact us.


Details Need from you :

Title (Make sure to include your main keyword in the title recommended by us)
Description (Make sure to use your keywords in the description recommended by us)
Keywords (Max 10)
Your email to send the report

Send All details at: admin@backlinksflow.com


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